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Dragon3D has completed measurement projects across a vast number of industries. Utilising our high-end optical 3D digitisers, which work using 3D structured Light (3DSL), our team has the ability to capture highly-accurate, full-surface geometries of almost any object; from intricate items of jewellery, up to 60-foot boat hulls.


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Considerations for 3D scanning

The size, material, finish and detail of the object, as well as the surroundings and environment, must be taken into consideration when planning the 3D measurement of your item and our team of experienced engineers will discuss this with you in detail upon enquiry. As well as our mobile 3D scanning equipment, we have an automated 3D scanning facility, housed within an environmentally controlled measurement cell based at our site in Surrey. Within this cell we can manage both ambient light and temperature to ensure that the highest level of accuracy is achieved. Objects with shiny surfaces can be notoriously hard to capture. Our GOM metrology systems use narrow band blue light and reflection detection which helps to reduce the effects of ambient light. Where required, we will also complete surface prep which is aerospace approved.

CAD models for legacy components

Many clients inherit assets for which they do not have the original manufacturing data. Additionally, both hard copy (drawings) and digital data (CAD/CAE) for their assets can get mislaid for a multitude of reasons. We can scan, measure, digitise and produce a model in CAD for the asset, ranging in size from a small hand-held object to vehicle. This robust model can be used directly for re-manufacture, inspection or taken through the full reverse engineering and CAE cycle producing full engineering models and/or drawings.

The resolution of our 3D scanning systems

The resolution (or point spacing) for any 3D scanning system is an essential factor when determining the capability of the equipment to complete measurement of the required geometry. The industry-leading GOM ATOS metrology systems offer unrivalled resolution, which enables our engineers to confidently inspect the smallest detail of the geometries whilst achieving a high-level of accuracy. Physical Digital offers the UK’s highest resolution GOM metrology systems.

Capturing internal geometries

The GOM optical scanning sensor work within line of sight and the projected structured light phase-shifting pattern needs to be captured by at least one of the stereo cameras to be able to calculate data on the surface of the object. The GOM ATOS Triple Scan technology adds to this by essentially capturing three measurements with each scan, with each camera working independently with the projector. Because of this feature, the GOM system can accurately capture data for the following hard to reach areas; •Bores •Inlet and exhaust ports on cylinder heads •Geometry between blades on blisks •Castings webs •Slots •Holes


Contact us now to find out how our 3D optical measurement services can support your project and deliver outstanding results.

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